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    HAIL Studios

We are HAIL Studios

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We develop using an open innovation model: We need gamers to influence the design of the games so that they are truly great. Get in touch with us via our social channels to get involved.

- Marc Sanz Lopez, CEO at HAIL Studios -


People that find good not good enough. We only do awesome.
Marc Sanz
CEO & Co-Founder
Jesus Olmeda
CTO & Co-Founder
Adolfo Soler
Developer & Co-Founder
Juan Azar
Art Director
Patrick Planche
Environment Artist
Savinien Boyer
Olivier Michaud
Game Designer
Damian Sanchez
Sound Composer
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Board of Advisors

Jonathon Young
Paul Cassidy
Sean Blanchfield
Hugues Petrini

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Fit for HAIL?

HAIL Studios is different, for real. We want you working with us.
In Hail Studios we do focus on innovative, awesome quality and incredible game development, but what really makes us special is the way we treat our employees.

You don't follow, you lead.


You don't work for us, you work with us.


You don't have a salary, you share the profit.

If you don't put a 100% in what you do and you don't envision taking home most of the value you create this is not your place.

Feel free to send us your CV even if you don't find a perfect position for you


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Don't be shy! Drop us a line and our team will get to you ASAP.
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